Wood pellets

Wood pellets are ecologically pure fuel. Pellets are made of wood shavings and sawdust, no additional components are mixed.

They are dried, ground and pressed into 6-8 mm pellets. Typically, specially designed fuel pellet stoves are used for manufacture. Pellets are a very dry fuel producing little ash and other harmful substances. The average moisture content of wood pellets have is 8-9%, calorific value – 4600 kcal/kg. Their calorific value is higher than that of firewood.

Characteristics of wood pellets:

  • Diameter – about 6-8 mm.
  • Energy value – higher than 5.2 kcal/g.
  • Humidity – about 5-8 percent.
  • Ash content – about 0.3%.
  • Density – about 650 kg/m3.

Compared to untreated wood, pellets are better because of:

  • less moisture,
  • up to five times higher energy value,
  • simpler equipment for combustion,
  • easier maintenance,
  • fuel can be stored without risk of writing for extended periods.
  • occupies little space, suitable for use in boiler houses and in private homes.
  • long combustion time.
  • high energy value.
  • low ash content.
  • convenient to use and transport.

At the request of the customer, we pack the pellets in 5–40 kg bags and 700-1200 kg bigbags. Bags are loaded on pallets, and coated with during film to protect against moisture during transport and storage. Pellets are easy to buy and delivered to your home. Small quantities are available, and they don’t occupy much space if you’re storage area is limited.

We deliver the products to the customer's address.