OSB – Oriented Strand Board. Several layers of wood particle boards, coated with advanced technology resins and fixed with hot press.

OSB boards are used in the construction of frame houses, roofs covers (under bituminous tiles), floors (under parquet, carpet and PVC coatings), installation of temporary premises, manufacturer of furniture and interior decoration.

Physical and mechanical properties of OSB:
Thickness deviations: ±0.8 mm
Width and length deviations: ±3 mm
Corner straightness: ±1.5 mm/1m
Edge straightness: ±2 mm/1 m
Elasticity module, parallel: >6000 N/mm2
Elasticity module, perpendicular: >2500 N/mm2
Flexural strength, parallel: >35 N/mm2
Resistance to bending, perpendicular: >17 N/mm2
Tensile strength: >0.75 N/mm2
Formaldehids: Thickness swelling in 24 hours: >12%

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